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Frequently asked questions

Why choose GNC?

Why choose us?

The biggest installers network

We offer you the experience of finding a CNG/LPA TA installer in your city.

A system designed for your vehicle

We manufacture all the components of the CNG TA equipment, each one of them is designed to work together and provide the highest operating efficiency.

A product for every need

We offer you a variety of Injectors, CNG ECUs and Reducers, with different features but always with the same quality.

A network of installer in constant development

The best technicians in the country are trained daily, adding work excellence to the quality of the CNG TA team.

The CNG system chosen by the automakers.

Find a TA installer

A complete list of our installers, find the one closest to you.

Our Products

TA offers you a wide range of gas systems to convert your vehicle to CNG.


We use low-impact energy sources to contribute to the development of ecological mobility, Warrantying less polluting emissions.


With TA, you save on fuel costs. CNG is an excellent fuel for controlled-ignition engines, which enables high performance at low consumption.


With CNG systems, CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions are reduced by 20% and particulate matter (PM10), the main cause of air pollution, is zero.

life cycle

The CNG system does not damage the correct operation of the engine, on the contrary, it extends its life cycle


The products installed in vehicles in specialized installers are approved under the standards oh the Ministry of Transport European.

Specialized installers

TA serves its international market through a professional, efficient and responsible network of installation installers, agents and distributors.


We are a company certificated under the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Our products have been certificateded under ISO 15500 standards; ECER-110; ECER-67; NAG 415/16/17; Portaria INMETRO 170, CONAMA 291 and COP / AIS 037 that distinguish its maximum reliability.